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Latest addition Trees and Bushes !! click the link on the right!

Over the last few years I seem to have fell into the world of photography. A hobby sort of arose from getting my first DSLR a Minolta Dimage 7hi. Then I bought a pocket Olympus,  and l ast year a new Pentax K10D.  I will take a photograph of just about anything but flowers are really my passion!

The Flower albums are the first to go on show simply because this has been such a project and the most time consuming of all. Simply put,  I am not in any way an expert on flowers and a novice in photography!   I then suddenly realised I had accumulated a lot of flower photographs from tiny wild flowers to the cultivated variety, and had masses of research to do to try and identify them. Here on Kefalonia it's rather difficult to find a good source of Information on our  Kefalonia wild flowers.  

This is where I  need your help! In many instances you will see I  may not have identified correctly, and for this I apologize, where ever possible please note the Album and the name of the file ( you find this by using the large circular arrow on the page) Jot that down and write to me. I will reply within a few hours. You can contact me here

I will leave it here for now and hope that the next coming weeks you will see more and more additions to the Albums for Kefalonia going up here for you to look at!

Enjoy the Albums

Here are links to my site and Blog and also some of my favorite photography links.

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